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Service: Data cabling

Your structured cabling system could last anything upto twenty years and so the right design is crucial. Over this period your infrastructure will grow, so a good design coupled with good planning will account for this, saving you costs as your cabling infrastructure grows.

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With the exprience of Connectic this will be achieved first time around. Connectic offer a free site survey and will work with you to design a proposal to meet your needs. Connectic can install a range of products from leading brands to meet whatever budget you have, Hellerman Tyton, ADC Krone and Connectix. Which can include Cat5e, Cat6.

Service: Fibre cabling

Fibre optics are generally installed as ‘backbone links’ that interlink cabinets between different parts of the building, or from one building to another. They are ordinarily multimode fibre. There are three differing grades – OM1, OM2 and OM3, each designed to suit a different network design.

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These can then be presented onto different types of connectors ST, SC, MTRJ, FC, depending on the customer specification and budget. With Connectic’s exprience and highly skilled engineers, you can have total confidence in your Fibre cabling system.

Service: Wireless Systems

Wireless networks are designed to give you instant access to your network via a laptop or any other wireless device from any location within your working environment. The design however has to be correct to provide the reliablity you will require.

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Without a well thought out design, you will most likely experience it to be slow and only work for a percentage of the area you want to be covered. it may also ‘drop out’ when moving from one location to another. Connectic can provide you with the confidence that your wireless network will be reliable by carrying out a detailed survey on the locations of the wireless access points, taking into account the structure of the building.

Service: Audio Visual

Interactive whiteboards are an exciting and innovative way to bring a new level of interactivity to any conference or training room and are a great teaching tool. Connectic specialise in the supply and installation of ‘Smart Boards’ and can install Smart and Promethean boards.

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Depending upon what is required, Connectic can also bring any school hall and meeting room alive with a presentation system complete with audio. Some examples of AV Systems that Connectic can provide are:

  • Interactive Whiteboards (Smartboards)
  • Projection Systems for small, medium and large conference rooms
  • Speaker systems, either ceiling or mounted
  • Plasma and LCD Solutions
  • Rack Systems for DVD, Internet, AMX
  • 1st fix cabling solutions

Service: Cabinet Refurbishment

Whether your current data cabinet requires tidying up or a complete overhaul, Connectic can offer either service which will give a much more accessible and aesthetically pleasing result.

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We can supply leads to meet the required lengths and specifications to achieve the best arrangement.

Service: Electrical

Connectic Ltd have a new electrical team and can now provide a fully integrated service from the initial data install to lighting and power.

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We can offer a more comprehensive package that will ensure a quicker and easier completion to your projects.

  • Lighting and maintenance
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Upgrading & refurbishing electrics
  • LED lighting supply and installation
  • Single and Three-Phase installation



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